"I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying." (Oscar Wilde)

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to the ones who got their heart broken
Sunday, February 8, 2015
having your heart scattered all over the place is tough. what's even tougher is trying to pick up all those pieces and putting it back together, as if it had been untouched. Remaining the same, staying sane is not an option. You just had your heart taken from you and then thrown, perhaps trampled. Changing is inevitable, because we start to question ourselves. To answer those questions we look for clues, in ourselves, in others. The most important thing is probably knowing that no one can fix you.  It's sounds so damn depressing, and it's entirely too. your feelings won't subside especially if you forcibly try to choke it out of you through someone else. Take your time, and heal your heart. Just because it was broken, doesn't mean it can't be fixed. With time, acceptance and strength, it will surely mend. Stop diminishing and self-doubting yourself, you know you will reach your goal.

pure happiness is awaiting me.


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